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I just wanted to make a comment on your hemp seed oil face cleanser, I am in my 40′s and have always had problem skin, I have tried many many products over the years, within 2 weeks of using this cleanser my skin is the best it has EVER been, I just wanted to thank you :)
“Since using hemp oil, I have noticed a considerable improvement hand co-ordination and general brain function. ( I have been diagnosed with early Parkinson’s), as well as a huge reduction in joint pain and ease of mobility ( I have arthritis in my ankle as a result of an accident some years ago). When I ran out of oil recently the symptoms became worse, but lessons after a few days of resuming the hemp oil at one tablespoon per day.”
Neville Belton
I would just like to write that my husband and I have noticed a clear improvement in eczema we have both been dogged with for sometime – and we have only been taking your Hemp Seed Oil for approx. 3 weeks.

Our skin has definitely improved. Thank you.

Trish Bishop