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Michelle Yandle

“When I lived in Canada hemp was a common thing to see at specialty shops, supermarkets, health food stores and even farmers markets. It was sold for skin care and nutrition and widely accepted as one of nature’s super foods.

Having always been interested in health and foods that contribute to it I did a lot of research into the benefits of health. It’s even more important to me now as I work as a Health and Nutrition Coach based in Taranaki.

They are rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils for starters which can be great for vegetarians who may not get this from fish/animal sources.

But even for the rest of us, it is a great source of these beneficial oils that we can add to every day foods such as salads, smoothies and more. Omega oils are essential fats for brain health, mood, skin and nails.

They are a great source of protein as well, with 25% protein which is even higher than chia seeds and flaxseeds. Protein is essential to the body and I love how hemp seeds can be added to just about anything through the day to help keep blood sugars more balanced thanks to its protein. They are also a complete protein containing all the amino acids necessary. This again, is great for vegetarians or vegans who may need a protein boost.

Whole hemp seeds are also a great source of both soluble and insoluble fibre – keeping things moving along as they should. This is beneficial for overall digestion and we all know the importance of a diet rich in fibre.

There are heaps of other amazing health benefits to hemp from skin care to heart health which is why it was a shame that it was so difficult to find the seeds here in New Zealand when I first arrived 5 years ago.

As you can imagine, I was so excited to run across The Hemp Farm online one day and saw that they had ‘animal’ hemp seeds available as well as the oil and beautiful skin care products. I am happy to be considered an ‘Ambassador’ for The Hemp Farm as New Zealand begins to recognise the benefits of this super little seed.”

Jason McIver

“As a working musician and recording artist I was extremely worried when I started showing signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My wrist was strapped all day every day and playing guitar was becoming more and more painful. The constant application of Ibuprofen gels and pain killers was making me worry about the effects they may have on my Irritable Bowel Syndrome also, so I looked for a natural alternative and found it!

Within 2 weeks of taking The Hemp Farms cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil capsules I started noticing a remarkable change in my wrist pain and energy levels, after a month I no longer needed to use the wrist brace or any pain killers and am now back to making music with minimal wrist problems. I back this product 100% and am so happy to be an ambassador for The Hemp Farm – Hemp is an amazing plant for so many reasons, I couldn’t perform without it!”
Jason McIver – The Jason McIver Collective & Primacy

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Peggy Oki

As Ambassador of The Hemp Farm NZ Ltd promoting health and wellbeing of the environment is everything, not only for us but for all life that depends on it.

In nearly 40 years of surfing, I have been blessed with being near dolphins, whales, sea life, including birds, all of which have been affected by anthropogenic (human-caused) threats. Everything is connected as life is in a critical state on this planet.

The air, land, rivers, and oceans have become polluted by chemical overload, discarded plastic, etc which ultimately ends up in the oceans where our precious marine life are challenged further to survive. A healthy environment is crucial to maintaining the delicate balance in habitats, especially for critically endangered Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins, all flora and fauna, including the endangered NZ Sea Lion and Yellow-eyed Penguin of New Zealand.

I am passionate about what The Hemp Farm NZ Ltd is doing. Planting hemp is one of the most important things that we can do for the environment. It sequences carbons out of the atmosphere and locks them up in the products made from it. Hemp is many times more productive and efficient for making paper, hence saves trees. It cleans the air, land, and therefore rivers and ultimately the ocean.

I’ve been amazed as I have become further informed about the vast range of uses for hemp which provides healthy food, fabric for clothing, materials to build homes with, energy; even substitutes for plastic. Hence utilization of hemp products means reducing use of many other less sustainable resources. After perusing the long list of uses for hemp, one would ask what can’t you use this plant for?!

I love being outdoors, yoga, surfing, skating, rock climbing, and healthy food which includes Hemp Farm NZ Ltd hemp seed oil. I use it daily on my food and love the wonderful nutty taste. I find it gives me energy, keeps my joints healthy and mobile, which as an active woman is vital. Hemp seed oil provides a perfect balance of Omega 3, 6, & 9 plus much more; and can be taken lifelong. It is easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle like mine. I really like knowing that what is good for the planet also happens to be good for my well-being. There is great hope for this planet through switching to use of hemp plants!

Peggy Oki – Ambassador for Hemp Farm NZ

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