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The best plant protein for all animals is finally here!

Hemp seed protein powder and flake grown spray-free, perfect for mixing into food.

With a full spectrum of 18 amino acids, ANIMAL hemp is the balanced way to keep your animal healthy.

Hemp seed protein contains a unique protein called edestin. It is a globular protein that is very similar to that found in blood plasma. This makes it very easy for the protein to be absorbed and utilized. Hemp protein contains a complete amino acid profile, so you can be sure you are covering all your animal’s essential protein requirements.

Containing 50.7% protein from 18 amino acids & rich in omegas, ‘ANIMAL’ hemp protein is great for helping build a strong & healthy body, primed to handle the challenges of the wild! This is a human food grade product, sold for animal consumption only. Not a complete diet for animals, supplementary feed only.

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