//Why is Baby Massage So Beneficial?

Why is Baby Massage So Beneficial?

Babies absolutely love the special one on one time of a gentle massage.  I remember how much my Son used to wiggle and chuckle away excitedly whenever I got out the oil and played some gentle music to relax him, he soon learned that this was going to be a very pleasant experience.  I have to add that I found this special after bath time treat rather relaxing too and a time for both of us to wind down at the end of the day.  He always seemed to take his night time feed easier too.   Research has actually shown that baby massage can help babies grow more and be more relaxed too.

 Why should I massage baby?

Massage helps relax breathing: Babies often have irregular breathing patterns, but because the skin is the largest organ of the human body and it’s rich in nerve endings, massage can hep calm this rhythm.

Massage stimulates growth hormones:  Pediatricians have long known that babies who are touched a lot thrive. Thriving doesn’t just mean growing bigger, it means growing to full potential, physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Massage helps brain growth:  Studies show that new-born babies receiving extra touch experience enhanced neurological development. Since the brain grows fastest in the first year, that’s the time when it’s smart to give your child extra touch.

Massage can help boost immunity  A study of human infants 10 weeks old showed that infants whose backs were massaged by their mothers experienced fewer colds and fewer occurrences of diarrhea. Conversely, touch deprivation negatively affects the immune system. Touch enhances secretion of digestive hormones and helps the baby’s digestive system work more efficiently. 

Massage relieves stress  Researchers believe that one cause of colic is sensory overload. A stressed baby will cry. Infant massage can significantly reduce this stress by reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  

Lets Get Started!

Choose a warm comfy place and  play your favorite soft music.  Warm a few drops of Little Promises Baby Oil in the palms of your hands, then using very gentle strokes starting with babies legs and toes, moving onto arms and fingers and then stroke babies back and light gentle strokes on tummy.  My son loved his head to be gently stroked too 🙂  Make it fun and relaxed and only for a short while up to 15 minutes.  Dress and wrap up baby and then snuggle, enjoy! A wonderful way to relax and bond with baby. Also add a few drops to baby’s bath water to soften and protect skin.

Little Promises Baby Oil contains the wonderful hemp seed oil. Our baby oil also contains calendula, apricot kernel and roman chamomile to help ease muscles and bring a sense of well-being to baby

Little Promises Baby Oil is made with 100% certified organic ingredients:

Little Promises baby skincare duo

Hemp Seed Oil
Apricot Kernel
Roman Chamomile

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