//Harvesting and Decorticating Hemp Video 2017

Harvesting and Decorticating Hemp Video 2017

Hemp Farm is delighted to share this beautiful video of our 2017 harvesting with you, featuring hemp fibre and hurd decorticating.

Decortication: the act or process of removing the outer coverings (hemp fiber) from something (hemp’s cellulose core a.k.a. hurd).

After many years of hard work, our dream of producing the world’s best hemp fiber from fresh stalks has come to fruition. Our machine, known as the Clarke D8 after it’s late inventor Adrian Clarke, is a hemp decortication system that uniquely processes hemp stalks fresh from the field. 

This new machine very special, as the traditional method of fiber separation used throughout the world today involves cutting down the hemp stalks and leaving them to ret (partially rot) in the field for several months. Following this, the stalks pass through a hammer mill, which crushes them to separate the woody cellulose core from the outer fiber. This extensive processes weakens fiber.

However, the Clarke D8 simply “peels” the fiber away from the inner core of the hemp stalks, preserving all of its natural strength. This means we are able to produce the world’s strongest hemp fiber, and in record time.

Hemp Fiber

With this technique, we are able to either process hemp stalks fresh from the field, or store them dry  for later processing.  This way the land can be cleared at the time of harvesting, allowing farmers to utilize their land immediately with another crop, such as winter grasses.

Hemp fibre and hurd has many thousands of uses, such as building (hempcrete), composites, textiles, animal bedding, 3D printing, space suits… The possibilities are endless! We have already successfully prototyped an eco-matting with this year’s fiber, which has potential uses in insulation, weed matting and more.

If you want a piece of this year’s bounty, you need to get in quick. We have a limited supply of samples of eco- matting, fibre and hurd available to purchase from this crop, so please contact [email protected] to get your sample and stake your claim on the products of our 2018 harvest.

We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section!

Dave & Anne Jordan

Video by Harley Aspinall

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