‘Global Radar’ visits The Hemp Farm New Zealand

//‘Global Radar’ visits The Hemp Farm New Zealand

‘Global Radar’ visits The Hemp Farm New Zealand

Te Radar chats with Dave and Anne from The Hemp Farm

Te Radar talks about all of the many uses for industrial hemp on his show (20th March 2013 at 8pm). Highlights of the show will be the Hemp farm’s new state of the art technology for stripping fibre from the hurd of the hemp crop, which will provide raw materials to enable industry here in NZ. Materials that offer sustainable alternatives to petrochemicals.

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  1. damonbaragwanath May 19, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Hemp is without a doubt the TRUE miracle plant which can not only nourish us as a supplement and animals too, but clothe us, build homes, make roads, as a bio-fuel and it even sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. How about that! So why wouldn’t you choose to be part of the resurgence in interest and support of hemp. My next purchase is gonna be some hemp oil and hemp jeans as mine are wearing a bit thin now. Thank you for your interest and I wish you infinite good health, wealth and happiness – Damon of 1stinhealth Personal Training & Integrative Health Consultancy http://www.1stinhealth.live

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