//Meet the lady behind our luxury handmade hemp seed oil skin care

Meet the lady behind our luxury handmade hemp seed oil skin care

A word from April, our aromatherapist and creator of Hemp Farm’s luxury handmade skin care!

“I first met Anne and Dave in 2012 and we hit it off straight away, talking about all things natural, organic, handmade and of course hemp!  I started designing and creating, testing, sampling and making products for them straight away.  Four years down the track, I am a Mummy living on the Coromandel Peninsula , and we have been growing and developing our range continually since that first day we met! Anne and Dave are a fabulous team to work alongside and they source wonderfully nourishing hemp seed oil which I then take to use and create our range of products.” 

“In 2008 I qualified as an aromatherapist and a holistic massage therapist. This, combined with living and traveling abroad has meant that I have quickly grown to be very passionate and aware of natural health. In my opinion, good health is our biggest asset, and therefore we must really look after ourselves to maintain optimal health. When we feel good, when we feel healthy – we look good – we look healthy!  A huge part of feeling good is having great skin, and as much as I believe in a good diet and lifestyle to maintain this, I truly believe that good skincare is so important too. Our biggest organ is our skin, and it is so super absorbent. No matter what we put on our skin, it only takes 26 seconds for it to reach our blood stream! I believe we can take advantage of this by putting nutrient rich and 100% natural substances (such as hemp!) onto our skin which will therefore nourish us externally as well as internally, contributing to maintaining our optimal health.  Through my study as well as plenty of personal research and skin seminars, I have enjoyed experimenting for myself and creating organic products for my own range, as well as the fabulous Hemp Farm’s skincare range –  both perfect for our skin, perfect for our body!”

hemp seed oil cleanser


About Our Skin Care Range

Skin Care Trio

Skin Care Trio

We are firm believers in the Oil Cleansing Method, and we have created a wonderful, gentle and organic Frankincense Facial Cleanser as part of our skincare range. It has been especially designed to thoroughly clean and moisturize our face in one. As we gently massage into our skin, we are enriching ourselves with a detoxifying, cleansing, fresh tonic that nourishes and balances, creating a healthy skin coloration and glow. It is a tissue re-generator, and creates even skin tone, all the while being soft gentle, nourishing and most importantly – cleansing! As we remove the cleanser with a warm soft moist cloth, the daily dirt and grime goes with it, leaving us fresh and nourished. Using the ‘Oil Cleansing method’ means that we completely avoid any harsh abrasive action to our precious faces. It is even suitable for all skin types! (Yes, even oily skin!)

Alongside our cleanser, we have the Rose Facial Blend – designed to balance and regulate. Also designed and hand blended for all skin types, the 100% organic ingredients used have been especially chosen to mimic our own natural oils, working to either create more or less natural sebum, therefore creating a beautiful balanced and even skin tone. It is truly luxurious, helps to reduce those fine lines too, a real treat!

And our super handy, “Little ambulance in a jar” Healing Balm – It is soft and nourishing to the skin, and naturally excels the skin towards the healing process.  Use it for anything from dry chapped skin, to itchy bites and stings. Super safe, gentle and super effective! It is high in essential fatty acids, GLA, palmatic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, vit A, B1, B2, B6, E. Rich in Beta Carotene.


BABY Skin Care Combo

BABY Skin Care Combo

We also have our brand new range of  lovely soft and gentle baby products, suitable for all those baby ailments. Our relaxing baby massage and bath oil, plus a soothing and gentle nappy healing balm.


“Working with hemp seed oil has been a wonderful and fascinating journey for me. Every time I open a fresh bottle I just love that fresh and nourishing smell and the silky smooth feel of it. I love that we can create products for our skin that can benefit our health and our environment so much, and such an added bonus that all of those optimal omega fatty acids including Vitamin E of the hemp seed oil is so so beneficial to our skin. I thoroughly enjoy creating these products – each and every product is individually hand poured & blended. We make small batches frequently so they are always fresh. I truly am living my dream by making and creating organic and sustainable NZ made products and feel blessed to be a part of this team!”

April Harwood – Smith

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