//New Zealand Fish Oil Health Claims Are… Fishy

New Zealand Fish Oil Health Claims Are… Fishy

Fish Oil Is Not What It Claims

Fish oils are commonly taken by people hoping to increase the amount of “good fats” in their diet. New Zealanders are becoming increasingly health conscious, with many turning to supplementation to fill in nutritional gaps. This is a great idea in theory, as modern diets are often devoid of essential nutrients.

However, the wisdom of taking fish oil may not be quite up to scratch. A study on New Zealand fish oil supplements actually found that only 3 out of 32 tested met the amounts of healthy omegas listed on the label. “The vast majority of supplements exceeded recommended levels of oxidation markers” which means that the oils were also rancid. The researchers stated that “almost all fish oil supplements available in the New Zealand market contain concentrations of EPA and DHA considerably lower than claimed by labels”.

The cause of the poor quality oil is likely due to exposure to light and heat, which can occur at any stage along the process. Many of these products are sold in clear capsules, which further expose the oil to light after it reaches shop shelves.

hemp seed oil

Alternative Choice

For those looking to supplement with something that provides healthy omega fats from a non-fish source, hemp seed oil could be the solution. Hemp seed oil meets all the same needs as fish oil but without the harm to the environment associated with modern fisheries. Those who choose Hemp Farm hemp seed oil will be provided with a product that has been protected from heat and light exposure during its journey from field to consumer. Every bottle is always made from the darkest tinted glass, and nitrogen flushed to reduce oxidation. Every capsule is tinted with natural food-safe iron oxide to reduce light exposure, preventing the oil from becoming oxidized and rancid.

If you want to give Hemp Farm hemp seed oil a try for yourself, visit our shop, where you will earn rewards for every purchase you make!

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Article based on the scientific study which can be found here: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep07928

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