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HempFarm has been growing hemp, importing, exporting and distributing hemp seed products since 2008. We grow hemp to supply industries with sustainable solutions to petrochemicals, to remediate many of the environmental and health challenges we face today.

We are on a continual journey to supply you with beneficial hemp products that are delicious, nutritious, chemical-free and that care for you, your family and our precious world.

We work passionately with individuals, industries, universities and businesses to grow, process and utilize hemp into everyday products, ranging from virgin cold-pressed hemp seed oil to fibre for building, insulation, plastics and many items that we rely on so heavily today.

It is an exciting time for hemp and cleaning up the environment, we invite you to join us today to make a difference in your world.


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Support Your Immune System Naturally!

Delicious hemp foods, hemp seeds, pure hemp seed oil and skincare!

Hemp foods nourish your body and help support your immune system. Hemp seeds, protein powder and pure hemp seed oil provide an optimal balance of essential nutrients to energize and support – A raw source of complete protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals including magnesium and GLA – known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Use Daily, We Do!

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HempFarm has a strong supply chain to meet the bulk hemp food needs for restaurants and food manufacturers. Products available at every price point to meet your specifications.

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Widen your selection of products by selling high-quality Hemp seed foods in your store or boutique. We love partnering with other businesses to get Hemp to as many people as possible.

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Our Parent Company

HempNZ – What we Do and why we do it.

HempNZ is home to the largest and most iconic hemp brands in New Zealand. Our much-loved brands bring collective experience in hemp cultivation, harvesting and processing, including R&D and innovation. HempNZ Since 2008 has established through their iconic brand HempFarm® NZ Ltd and strategic partners a leading position in the New Zealand hemp industry.

“We are passionate about Hemp as a broad acre agricultural crop. Hemp offers a vital solution to the growing environmental challenges we face today”

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We Are Sending Orders Out

HempFarm is an essential service supplying food to customers and manufacturers – all online orders will be fulfilled. Your health and well-being is important to us and as we are supplying food goods, we have a plan in place to make sure you receive your immune supporting hemp products. Couriers are busy, so please allow an extra couple of days to receive your items, thank you. Please follow the governments recommended guidelines to protect yourself, loved ones and our wider community.

HempFarm Academy

Learn About Hemp and The Benefits Of Hemp

Hemp Processing

New Zealand Hemp processing innovators. We are committed to develop New Zealand’s hemp industry by utilizing the whole hemp plant.

Hemp Processing

Hemp For Construction

Hemp is a fantastic building material from an ecological, constructional, and financial perspective. Hemp buildings are made…

Hemp Construction

Hemp Hurd & Fibre

HempFarm are industry leaders in new hemp fiber decortication technology, allowing for faster processing. The strongest plant fibre in the world…

Hemp Fibre & Hurd

Hemp For Animals

Omega fatty acids in hemp seed oil care for your precious pets too! A drizzle a day is packed full of nutrients to support joint, coat and skin health.

Hemp For Animals

What Makes Hemp Seed Oil So Special?

Hemp seeds are a rich powerhouse source of essential nutrients, including complete protein, all omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.   Hemp is nutrition dense, being especially high in protein at 31.6g per100g, by comparison with seeds such as chia at 16.5g per100g, sunflower 20.89g per 100g and flax 18.3g per100g.

Most seeds contain a high fat content and different seeds have different profiles of fatty acids.  Hemp seeds contain an optimal 3:1 ratio of omega 6-3 and around 5% of the omega 6 component is in the form of GLA (Gamma Linolenic acid), known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. In terms of minerals, many seeds vary, for example, hemp seed is higher in magnesium than say chia.

Hemp seeds and the omega-rich oil cold pressed from them are a valuable addition to a healthy varied diet and lifestyle.

Hemp Kitchen Bench Session

Gourmet Hemp Recipes Created By Our Hemp Chef

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To view more testimonials/reviews please select a product in the shop page and clieck on review.

I use this as my daily moisturiser and it is absolutely delectable. I look forward to blessing my skin with it every morning!

Jordan Gibb, I Adore My Daily Skin Indulgence

I have used so many facial oils over the years and have just started using this one and already its a favorite. I use this at night before night cream and my skin looks so fresh in the morning. I love that this contains Frankincense which is so good for skin.

Andrea Palmer, The Best Face Oil I’ve Tried

Just amazing! I actually got it to try as I didn’t really believe it will work! But it did, my sons eczema pretty much disappeared! I will be ordering more as this is a miracle balm, after trying so many different creams and lotions this one is the only balm that worked! I also used it for my dry lips and it’s works amazing too!

Irena, I’m Amazed It Really Worked!

Only have been taking hemp seed oil tablets for a couple of weeks and have noticed how much better my joints are feeling!

Suzanne McDermott, My Joints Already Feel Better!

Top product. I only ever use hemp seed oil and only ever buy from the Hemp farm. Hemp has worked miracles for my daily headaches. Do try this.

Jacqueline Anne, Headache Relief With Hemp Seed Oil Capsules
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